The role of our gut and how to nurture our microbiota for optimal fertility

The Gut-Fertility Connection

Learn more about the importance of healthy gut microbiome, how to best feed your gut and how to support clients throughout the fertility journey.
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Learning Outcomes

Understand more about the role of the gut in IVF & ART, and how to nurture the microbiota for optimal fertility.

• Describe structural and functional components of the gut

• Identify physiological factors impacted by our gut microbiota that affect fertility

• Recognise conditions associated with gut microbiota disruptions

• Identify how key dietary macronutrients impact gut microbiota

• Appreciate the nuances that inform dietary strategies to optimise gut health for fertility

Course Lessons

Meet the instructors

Dr Cecilia Kitic

Dr. Kitic is an Exercise Physiologist with a Ph.D. in Exercise Immunology and over 20 years of research experience in understanding how exercise affects the body. She is also a Senior University Lecturer in Exercise Prescription at CQ University.

Dr. Kitic runs The IVF Project, a world-first online exercise prescription service for women and men undergoing fertility treatments. Having experienced infertility and multiple cycles of IVF, Dr. Kitic wanted everyone to have access to evidence-based clinical exercise prescription to improve their chance of conception.

Find Cecilia at @theivfproject on Instagram.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructors

Dr Sue Read

Dr Sue Read is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian specialising in enhancing fertility with food by improving your gut health.

Sue has a PhD in Microbiology and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and she combines her two loves: food and gut bugs. Sue understands the intricacies of bacterial metabolism and genetics and has 10 years research experience. If you want to understand the beautiful community of microorganisms in your gut then Sue can help you get to know your gut better.

Focusing on creating a fertile, healthy gut, Sue provides simple and realistic guidance so you can boost your fertility.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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