Our mission is to close the gap in Women's Health education.

Our vision is to bring together multidisciplinary teams, break down the taboos surrounding womens health and improve the education opportunities we have as health practitioners.
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Our students love us

"Great Course, Used so much of what I learnt that day in my practice all the time now!"
Joshua "The Movement EP"
"Esme's passion for Women's Health is infectious, such a comprehensive course & information"
Alex "Medicise HQ"
Thanks so much, I have been looking for a course like this since graduating. Practical information.
Sarah "Pivot Osteo"

Meet our educators

Esme Soan

Director / Exercise Physiologist

Anna-Louise Moule

Director / Exercise Physiologist 

Elisha Silcox

QLD Ambassador / Exercise Physiologist

Kiara Ruscio

SA Ambassador / Exercise Physiologist

Lauren Ceeny

ACT Ambassador / Osteopath

Bryannah Downward 

VIC Ambassador / Exercise Physiologist 

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