Our mission is to close the gap in Women's Health education.

Our vision is to bring together multidisciplinary teams, break down the taboos surrounding womens health and improve the education opportunities we have as health practitioners.
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 The WHC came about from a passion for professional development for allied health, nursing & medical professionals involved in women's health.

Esme: As a new graduate I found it difficult to find professional development in women's health that I could attend as an EP, or that took a multi-disciplinary approach. So, being a lonely solo practitioner, I met up with some other allied health professionals (osteos, physios, podiatrists, nutritionists, midwives and GP's) in my local area who shared my love for learning, and we began to teach each other! After seeing what a fantastic response we had from networking with others - the learning and improved patient outcomes - I took the WHC online to expand our collective & help educate other passionate practitioners!

Elisha: My first role as an AEP was in a musculoskeletal clinic where the majority of my clientele were female. I found some of my long term clients disclosing symptoms that I hadn’t learnt how to manage before. Worse, some of these symptoms I had never even heard of before! Fast forward to taking a course on SUI, I discovered my passion in advocating for the health of all women and people assumed female at birth. Being a young, inexperienced practitioner, I decided to reach out to Esme to see what she was doing at her clinic. She introduced me to the Women’s Health Collective where I have found a new passion facilitating education to other practitioners so that they don’t feel as lost as I ever did.

We love to see sharing of knowledge, research and clinical insights for all practitioners involved in Women's Health - from physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and sport's physicians - to midwives, nurses & dieticians. We all have a role to play, and can work together in supporting our clients!

Our students love us

"Great Course, Used so much of what I learnt that day in my practice all the time now!"
Joshua "The Movement EP"
"Esme's passion for Women's Health is infectious, such a comprehensive course & information"
Alex "Medicise HQ"
Thanks so much, I have been looking for a course like this since graduating. Practical information.
Sarah "Pivot Osteo"

Meet our core team

Esme Soan

Director/ Educator
Exercise Physiologist
Esme is the founder and director of The WHC, and has over 9 years experience as a clinician working in Women's Health at her practice - Pear Exercise Physiology & Physiotherapy. She has also tutored with QUT, ACU and SMA.

Find her @esme_womenshealthexphys

Elisha Bunch

Director/ Educator
Exercise Physiologist
Elisha joins The WHC as director in 2023, with 8 years clinical experience in Women's Health - and tutoring with University of Queensland. 
She is passionate about supporting young clinicians to enter the space of Women's Health.

Find her @thewomenshealthexphys

Meet our Ambassadors 

Contact your local ambassador to find out more about the meet ups & events happening near you!

Steph Goode

QLD Ambassador / Exercise Physiologist
Contact Steph

Mikaela Sultana

NSW Ambassador / Exercise Physiologist

Ismini Tsakiridis

VIC Ambassador / Exercise Physiologist 
Contact Ismini

Kiara Roscio

SA Ambassador / Exercise Physiologist

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