Considering the evidence & application in clinic

Returning to Sport & The Postpartum Athlete

Learn more about the most recent return to impact postpartum guidelines, and the broad considerations for pelvic floor in return to impact & intensity for postpartum clients.
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Learning Outcomes

Broader understanding of the most up to date research evidence & position statements, and application to the postpartum athlete in clinic. Considerations for pelvic floor & the holistic health picture in helping postnatal return to sport & impact. 

• Pelvic floor objective data and prolapse risk matrix taken in clinic

• Understanding of Diastasis Recti & impact on ability to return to impact 

•  Comprehension of pelvic floor biomechanics in continence and incontinence

• Real life case studies, videos and real life application of evidence based practice and how to support postpartum athletes

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Joelene Murdoch

Jo Murdoch has been running The Physiotherapy Clinic with her colleagues since 2007.

In 2008, she completed her post graduate certificate in Continence and Women’s health, and has been working with women ever since.The Physiotherapy Clinic has grown over the years to expand into Lower North Shore and The Southern Shire, Jo enjoys leading her team of amazing women’s health and musculoskeletal physios & mentoring up and coming Womens’ health physios with the mentor program at The Physio Clinic.

Jo has recently completed a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine. She is currently enrolled in a Masters by research running a project to investigate the properties of the pelvic floor in the ante natal period and its relationship with birth outcomes 

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