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RED-S & The Menstrual Cycle

Translate the research & guidelines into clinical practice - understand how to screen your athletes, look for physical flags, and how to manage safe return to sport.
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Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this webinar you will:
- Be able to draw and educate clients on the hormonal fluctuations across the menstrual cycle 
- Have a strong understanding of RED-S: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport – involving the relationship of all three factors 

Optimal Energy Availability ⇠⇢ Disordered Eating (DE)
Regular Menses ⇠⇢ Amenorrhea
Healthy Bone Mineral Density ⇠⇢ Osteoporosis

Course Lessons

Meet the speaker 

Elisha Bunch

Esme Soan - Course Author 
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