Knowledge and tools necessary to integrate trauma-informed practice into your professional roles

Exploring Trauma-Informed Practice 

In today's complex healthcare landscape, understanding and implementing trauma-informed approaches is essential for providing effective care and support to individuals who have experienced trauma. 
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Key Topics Covered

  • Key Topics Covered:
    1 Understanding Trauma: Gain insights into the different types of trauma, its impact on individuals' lives, and the importance of trauma-informed care.
    2 Core Principles of Trauma-Informed Practice: Explore the key principles that underpin trauma-informed approaches and learn how to integrate them into your professional practice.
    3 Creating Safe and Supportive Environments: Discover practical strategies for fostering safety, trust, and empowerment within healthcare settings, promoting healing and resilience.
    4 Trauma-Informed Communication: Enhance your communication skills to build rapport, establish boundaries, and facilitate open and compassionate dialogues with trauma-affected individuals.
    5 Self-Care and Professional Resilience: Recognize the potential impact of working with trauma survivors and learn essential self-care practices to maintain personal well-being and professional effectiveness.

Course Lessons

Meet the speaker 

Irene Ais

Irene Ais is passionate about supporting people to thrive. She works as an integrative physiotherapist and mental health educator, working between Zebra's clinic in Wurundjeri Country, Melbourne, and spreading wisdom on her social media platform on yoga & mental health. Her extensive experience working with the mind-body connection through Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Holistic Physiotherapy and Mental Health has established her as a leader in the wellbeing industry and a bridge for western science and eastern wisdom.
Irene’s is known for crafting rich and masterfully layered experiences, exploring how we move, breathe, think and feel down to the subtest parts of who we are.

Follow and connect with Irene on her socials @irene_ais
Esme Soan - Course Author 
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