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Exercise is Medicine for Women's Health

Esme Soan,  co-director at WHC, director & Principal Exercise Physiologist at Pear Exercise Physiology & Physio Women's Health Media Expert (ESSA) chats all things Women's Health with Uni of SA at their Clinical Exercise Physiology conference 2021. 
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Listen to Esme discuss -
  • x The scope of practice for clinical exercise physiology in postnatal return to exercise & sport
  • x How Telehealth services can help our female patients
  • x Just how pivotal an AEP is in a team care arrangement for women's health speciality conditions like Insulin resistance PCOS, endometriosis & adenomyosis
  • x The importance of networking, communities & mentorship as a clinical exercise physiologist
Meet the speaker

Esme Soan

Esme has worked as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Women’s Health focus as part of multidisciplinary teams, and owns & works in her own clinic, Pear Exercise Physiology & Physiotherapy in Brisbane.

As co-director of The Women's Health Collective she is passionate about learning & teaching more in Women's Health. Esme is the ESSA Women’s Health Media Expert and has taught in the women’s health and exercise prescription space for ESSA, NSW Health, Sports Medicine Australia, ACU and The Women’s Health Collective.
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