There’s a pussy revolution coming
— Esme, Director
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Make informed decisions! Understand how your va-jay-jay works ladies and feel empowered.
— Chloe, Creative Director
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— Sara, PR/Content Manager

About the WHC

Sex ed is not just one big talk, but lots of little conversations. No clunky metaphors, just honest, cheeky and inclusive communication.
At The WHC we're stating the facts, encouraging women and teens to #askwhy and linking them to us, the women's health clinicians who can help.

The Womens Health Collective (WHC) is a platform that brings together women’s health clinicians from all areas of allied health, midwifery, and medicine. We are open to all who want to learn more, #askwhy and work within an interdisciplinary network.

Sex ed is not just one big talk, but lots of little conversations. We aim to facilitate these discussions about women’s health amongst clinicians, their patients and the Australian public.

We work better together… 
As a health professional working with women’s health you should be aware of other clinicians practice, what they do, how they treat and how you work together. 
Come join the WHC and get to know your local health networks, improve your clinicial knowledge, increase your referrals and better your patients’ outcomes. 

Learn more, #askwhy...
The WHC offers education courses, workshops and e-books for clinicians working in women’s health– online and face to face.
We also run FREE monthly meets in BNE, SYD and MEL, to chat all things Women's Health. Come join us! 

We’re talking women's health with Australia...
Through our website, social and blog the WHC is starting the conversation on all things women's health with Aussie youth. 
We're stating the facts, encouraging women to #askwhy and linking them you, to clinicians who can help.