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New Graduate Program - Women's Health 101

Join our teachers Esme, Anna & Elisha for our new group graduate mentoring program, launching in early 2023 🚀 
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Mid Career Program - Individual

Boost your confidence, master the field, take the next step in your career. One on one mentorship unique to you.

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Mentorship Program

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a women's health expert. Learn from our expert speakers, supported by our rockstar WHC team. All the skills you need to move into professional practice and thrive at the start of your women's health career.

Mid Career Program (12 months Individual)


Overview, wowzies!

Here is what we will cover in
this 6 month new graduate program

IVF & Pregnancy

Assistive Reproductive Technology (IVF, IUI & Egg Retrieval) and Antenatal Health 

Endometriosis & PCOS

Complex chronic disease management and invisible illnesses

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (SUI & POP)

Pelvic floor biomechanics and working alongside other healthcare practitioners

The Menstrual Cycle

RED-S, Adolescence Athletes and Hypothalamic Amenorhea


Heart Health, Bone Health and early onset menopause considerations 

Unique Female Physiology

Women are not little men, considerations of female physiology in athletic performance and disease processes
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