Sad about the tampon tax? Here's one way around it.

Queensland Greens MP Larissa Waters moved in parliament today to try to get the luxury tax on sanitary items abolished.

Cause having your period isn't exactly a luxury (but it is an amazing physiological feat - more on that later) and so the sanitary items you NEED to use once a month (or so) shouldn't be considered so either.

Turns out - it didn't go well. We LOVE Larissa (also pictured on her FB breastfeeding in Parliament #legend) but both the liberal & labour parties didn't play ball. States and Territories will be getting new revenue from upcoming changes to GST, so even if they drop the revenue from tampons and pads they’ll still be receiving more GST than they currently do. Makes nil sense.

So whilst we continue to argue about the politicising of women's health & fighting the ridic GST on our sanitary items - here are some things you can do to flip em' the bird in the meantime.



Don't wanna pay the tampon tax? Simples, give menstrual cups a go. These bad boys are a one off investment between $40-$80,  collect blood without any risk of TSS and can be used and re-used-  for up to 10 years! 
They take a bit of practice (just like tampons did when you first had to wear them for grade 9 swimming carnivals) but once you get them you'll love them.



Saving the environment and saving your cash-money (+GST) using cloth pads just makes so much sense. Easy wash & wear, cute designs and no they are not like nappies (trust us we had the same doubts) investing in 2-3 of these will make periods that little bit nicer.



WA Treasurer, Ben Wyatt - (08) 6552 5900 -
NSW Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet - (02) 8574 6900 - 
TAS Treasurer, Peter Gutwein - (03) 6777 1007
NT Treasurer, Nicole Manison - (08) 8936 5547 - 

If you’re stuck about what to say when they pick up the phone, try these on for size -

  • The tampon tax is a sexist tax, because similar men’s products (e.g. condoms) do not incur GST.
  • Governments could be taxing big corporations, but instead they are taxing women for simply existing.



Bleed on sisters.


WHC Team